The Initial Period

The functions we perform during the initial period are designed to ensure that the developer and the Owners Corporation comply with the various duties and obligations required by the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015.

Obtaining insurance quotes for consideration by the developer. It is essential that this be planned in advance, as compulsory insurances must be in place from the time that the Scheme is registered.
Convening of Inaugural Extraordinary General Meeting must take place 14 days prior to registration of strata scheme.

Providing certificates in accordance with Section 184 of the Act to facilitate the sale of lots in the development.

Establishing the books and records of the Owners Corporation including, but not limited to, the strata roll, minute book, correspondence file, insurance file and other statutory documents. We will also obtain a common seal for the Owners Corporation and supervise its use in accordance with the Act.

Convening the Inaugural Extraordinary General Meeting of the Owners Corporation.

The purpose of this Inaugural meeting is to;

Adopt the common seal, determine levies, confirm insurances, ratify the appointment of Strata Management and to attend to other administrative matters.

Convening the First Annual General Meeting of the Owners Corporation.
This meeting must be held within two (2) months after the expiration of the initial period.

Attending to general secretarial, financial and administrative tasks.